Childcare Center for Victims of Domestic Violence

Over the past year Denise Kuriger Design joined forces with Safe horizon to create a space oriented around uplifting and educating the children of domestic violence. With over 60 facilities throughout New York City, Safe Horizon is the nations’ leading comprehensive provider for children, homeless youth, and adult victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. DKD along with the architecture studio of Matthew Michalski offered pro-bono design services to a childcare room in one of the Safe Horizon facilities that was in need of support. After distilling the needs of the staff on site, DKD prepared a plan encompassing donor requests while meeting the program requirements of the staff. DKD solicited discounts, donations, free labor and materials that were essential for creating this inspiring vision. DKD delivered a final product that was both restorative and educational for children in need of a safe space to relax and learn.